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Flights to Berlin from Stansted

Stansted Flights
Stansted Flights
Stansted Flights

London Stansted to Berlin

Second most populous city in Europe and long one of the world’s most important political  centres, modern Berlin is a delightful blend of new and old, east and west. Declared the  capital  of the newly-unified German nation in 1871, Berlin held that role until partitioned by  the victorious allies at the conclusion of World War Two. For four decades the ‘broken heart  of Europe’, Berlin was the flashpoint where the planet’s two super-powers, the USA and the  USSR, confronted each other in an atmosphere of tense hostility. The so-called Cold War  reached crisis point in 1963, when the USSR and its allies erected the Berlin Wall, physically  dividing the city in two. However, Berlin and the world celebrated on 9 November, 1989,  when the ‘Wall’ finally came tumbling down. Quickly reinstated as the capital of the new  Germany, Berlin has blossomed as one of the most open, adventurous and culturally-aware  cities on earth.

There are two airlines which operate flights from London Stansted to Berlin: Air Berlin flies  into Berlin Tegel Airport, just 8km (5 miles) from the city centre, while Ryanair goes to Berlin  Schonefeld Airport, 18km (12 miles) from the centre of Berlin.

Tegel Airport to the city centre: The 109, X9 and 128 bus services travel to various  destinations in the city centre. Journey times are around 20-30 minutes and a single ticket  costs  about 3 euros (£1 is approximately equal to 1.45 euros). Taxis to Berlin city centre will  set you back between 15 and 20 euros.

Schonefeld Airport to the city centre: The S-bahn train which terminates at Bahnhof Zoo  departs every 10-30 minutes and a single ticket costs just 2.10 euros. Bus services are also  plentiful. Taxis to Berlin centre cost about 30 euros.
Tourist Attractions in Berlin include:
  • Tiergarten (Animal Park). Tiergarten, formerly a royal hunting ground, stretches all the  way from the Brandenburg Gate. Today the park is popular with joggers, rollerbladers,  bikers and all those looking to escape the busy city. 
  • New Synagogue. The synagogue stands as a reminder of the depths to which humanity  can sink. It was during the infamous Kristallnacht (crystal night) of 1938 that   the Nazis attacked and wrecked this handsome building. Today the synagogue is no  longer used for services but instead houses an exhibition tracing the history of the city’s  Jewish population. 
  • Funkturm (Radio Tower). Known affectionately to the locals as the ‘beanpole’, the  tower is a true emblem of Berlin’s enduring vitality. Started in 1924, it was meant to  operate as a radio transmission point, but soon developed other uses – not least as a  pioneer television broadcast station. Struck by a shell in 1945, one of its legs was  blown  away, but the Funkturm – like Berlin itself – came through the storm of war, and  is still going strong. The restaurant near its pinnacle affords breath-taking views  over the city. 
  • Brandenburg Gate. No trip to Berlin would be complete without visiting the  Brandenburg Gate. Initially constructed in the 18th century as a monument to peace,  then structure provided the backdrop to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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