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Flights to Cologne from Stansted

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London Stansted to Cologne Airport

European tourists have been coming to the German city of Cologne situated on the River Rhine  for many centuries, many of them to admire its spectacular cathedral, the Dom. Much  of Cologne was destroyed by bombing raids in the Second World War, although fortunately  the city has been attractively rebuilt with many fine squares and parks.

Flights between London Stansted and Cologne-Bonn Honrad Adenauer Airport are operated  by Germanwings. The airport is around 14km from Cologne city centre. The Inter City  Express (ICE) train runs every 15-20 minutes from the airport to Cologne’s central station  (Hauptbahnhof). Journeys take only about 15 minutes, single tickets cost 12 euros (£1 is  approximately equal to 1.45 euros). The S-bahn 13 train also connects the airport to  Hauptbahnhof. Trains run every 20 minutes on weekdays and half-hourly at weekends.  Journeys take 20 minutes and a single ticket costs 2.10 euros. Taxis to the city centre cost  around 30 euros and take about 15 minutes. Buses from the airport tend to be expensive and  impractical.

Places of interest in Cologne include:
  • The Dom. The construction of Germany’s largest cathedral was begun in 1248. The  project  was halted in 1560 before finally being finished in the 19th century, 632 years  after it was started. Fortunately it emerged unscathed after heavy bombing during World  War II. Inside visitors can admire the great stained glass windows and Magi’s  shrine, thought to contain remains of the Three Wise Men. From the top of the Dom’s  south tower there are superb views over Cologne, while the 24-ton Peter Bell is the  world’s largest working bell.
  • German Sports and Olympia Museum. This new museum oponed in the 1990s is  housed in an old warehouse in the harbour. The museum traces the history of the  Olympics from a German point of view and contains more than 10,000 items. There are  also several interactive exhibits.
  • The Roman-German Museum. Next to the cathedral is this museum which displays  artefacts excavated from the Rhine Valley. It is built around the 3rd century Dinysos  Mosaic which was uncovered in 1941. The upper floors of the Roman-German  museum house a large collection of Roman glassware, ceramics and jewellery.
  • Gross St Martin. This church is probably the most spectacular of the 12 Romanesque  churches which were painstakingly reconstructed after Second World War bombing  raids. The church was originally built in the 12th and 13th centuries and is easily  recognised by its four turrets and enormous tower. Gross St Martin is also the venue for  many concerts.
  • Glockengasse 4711. This address might not sound very inspiring but it is the birthplace  of the world-famous eau-de-cologne. The neo-gothic house situated close to the opera  house still sells the original perfume.
  • Town Hall (Rathaus). Although severely damaged in the Second World War, part of  this Renaissance town hall dating from the 14th century has been rebuilt. Particular  attention has been paid to the tower so that its bells can be heard again throughout the  city.

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