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Flights to Hamburg from Stansted

Stansted Flights
Stansted Flights
Stansted Flights

London Stansted to Hamburg Lubeck Airport.

The German cities of Hamburg and Lubeck have plenty to offer the visitor. Lubeck is an historic town which has achieved the distinction of becoming a  Unesco World Heritage Site. It is famous for being a city of steeples and  spires, and was also home to the Nobel Prize winning author Thomas Mann. The port city of Hamburg also has a number of interesting attractions including the Reeperbahn and the Warehouse complex.

Flights between London Stansted and Hamburg-Lubeck Airport are operated by Ryanair. The airport is situated around 55km (33 miles) from Hamburg and 8km (5 miles) from Lubeck town centre. Buses run from the airport to Hamburg city centre, journeys are timed to coincide with the Ryanair flights. Single tickets cost 8 euros (£1 is approximately equal to 1.45 euros), journeys take around 75 minutes. There is a major rail
connection between Hamburg and Lubeck. The bus number 6 service operates from the airport to Lubeck’s main railway station. Journeys take around 30 minutes. Taxis from the airport to Lubeck city centre take around 20 minutes and cost about 16 euros.

Places of interest in Hamburg include:

  • Reeperbahn. This half-mile long street in the St Pauli district of Hamburg is probably the most well-known red-light district in the world. Originally ropes used for the ships is the port were produced in the Reeperbahn, but when rowdy sailors were banned from Hamburg’s respectable areas in the 19th century they had to look elsewhere for entertainment and so descended on the Reeperbahn. The area became quite run down in the 1980s but has recently  gone through a bit of a revival.
  • Warehouse Complex. It might not sound very interesting but this warehouse complex, which is over 100 years old, has been turned in to a tourist attraction. The red brick buildings now house a spice museum, the Hamburg Dungeon which traces the more unpleasant aspects of the city’s past, and a Russian submarine which you can explore. There is also an open-air theatre on the site.
  • Erotic Art Museum. The district of St Pauli also boasts this privately-owned museum which has the world’s largest collection of erotic art. There are over 2,000 pieces including paintings, drawings and etchings. Entrance to the museum, previously a hat factory, is restricted to adults.
  • Castle Monastery. One of Germany’s most important medieval sites was founded in 1229. It was used as a poorhouse after the Reformation before being converted to a prison. When the Nazis came to power Jews were imprisoned here and in 1943 four clergymen were killed during the infamous ‘Christenprozess’.
  • Old Town. Situated between the rivers Trave and Wakenitz, Lubeck’s old town is full of narrow alleys lined with large, old townhouses with their facades of red brick. Buildings come in a variety of architectural styles – including Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance. Most of Lubeck’s old churches are situated here, along with the Town Hall and a number of museums.

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