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Flights to Hanover from Stansted

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London Stansted to Hanover Airport

Although today Hanover is one of the richest cities in Germany, it was during the 17th century  that it enjoyed its Golden Age. Most of the city was destroyed by Allied Bombing raids during  the Second World War, but afterwards underwent a meticulous reconstruction. Hanover might  not have as many spectacular buildings as other German cities, but there are still some  interesting Hanseatic churches, museums and fine parks.

Visitors to Hanover can benefit from the purchase of a Hanover Card entitling holders to  reduced admission for many attractions and free transport on the S-bahn rail service from the  airport and on the city’s trams and buses. Available from tourist offices.

Flights between London Stansted and Hanover Airport are operated by Air Berlin. The airport  is about 12km (7 miles) from the city centre. There is a coach service from the airport  to Hanover city centre via the main train station. Journey times are about 20 minutes, tickets  cost 5 euros (£1 is approximately equal to 1.45 euros). The number 60 bus service also runs  from the airport to the city centre every 20 minutes. The regular S-bahn train service operates  from terminal 2 to Hanover city centre, journeys take about 12 minutes, single tickets cost  2.50 euros. Taxis are available from outside arrivals, the fare to the centre is around 20 euros.

Places of interest in Hanover include:
  • Eilenriede. Hanover’s park with an area of 650 hectares is bigger than New York’s  Central  Park. The northern area of the park contains Hanover Zoo, home to around  1,300 animals,  and a bird sanctuary. The zoo is better than many other city zoos.  Particularly interesting is the  Zambezi Boat Ride. This gives visitors the chance to travel  through an African-type landscape  and appreciate how the animals might appear in  their natural environment. Elsewhere in the  park are beer gardens, a mini-golf course,  cafes and restaurants.
  • Lower Saxony State Museum. Housed in neo-renaissance building, this museum  exhibits a  wide range of paintings and sculptures. There are also some fascinating  archaeological and  ethnological items, the highlight of which is probably the prehistoric  Homosapien bodies  excavated from local peat bogs.
  • Herrenhauser Gardens. These gardens are extremely popular with both tourists and  residents  of Hanover, especially during the summer when there is a busy schedule of  festivals, fireworks  and theatre. The symmetrical Great Garden, which was laid out at  the end of the 17th century,  contains flower beds, a gaint fountain and Europe’s oldest  hedge theatre. There is also a herbal garden with more than 12,000 different species of   plants, and an English garden, in honour of  the English king George IV.
  • Town Hall. Hanover’s town hall with its copper-coated dome was the subject of some   controversy when it opened in 1913. Visitors can take the unusual curving lift which  ascends  the dome and admire the fantastic views over the city. Underneath the dome  are four models  of Hanover showing how the city appeared in 1689, 1938, in 1945  after the Allied bombing  raids which destroyed around 80 per cent of Hanover, and  finally a model of present-day  Hanover.

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