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Flights to Krakow from Stansted

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London Stansted to Krakow Airport

Krakow is arguably Poland's finest city. Situated on the Vistula river, the origins of Krakow  date back to the 7th century when, according to legend, Prince Krak outsmarted the local  dragon and founded the city. Due to its location at the intersection of two major European  trading routes, Krakow thrived and became the capital of Poland in the 11th century and  remained so for around six hundred years. Fortunately Krakow emerged from the Second  World War virtually unscathed and has since been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Flights between London Stansted and Krakow John Paul II Airport are operated by Ryanair  and Sky Europe. The airport is around 11km (7 miles) from the centre of Krakow. Bus  services 192 and 208 run frequently from the airport to the city centre. Journeys take around  30 minutes, single tickets cost about 2.70 PLN (£1 is approximately equal to 5.6 PLN),  although there may be a small additional charge for bulky luggage. Taxis to Krakow city  centre  from outside the passenger terminal cost around 40 PLN.

Places of interest in Krakow include:
  • Old Town (Stare Miasto). The largest market square in Europe, Rynek Glowny, is at  the centre of Krakow's Old Town. Surrounding this square are some impressive   multicoloured houses, while at its centre is the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) with market  stalls  set within its vaulted passageways. Close by are two important churches, St  Mary's, from where the Hejnal trumpet call is sounded every hour, and the 10th century  St Adalbert's Church.
  • Wawel Castle. The castle dates as far back as the 10th century but was extensively  remodelled in the 1500s. Today, the castle is home to a collection of Flemish tapestries  from the 16th century, the Crown Treasury and Armoury, the Royal Private  Apartments  and the Dragon's Den which pays homage to Prince Krak's battle with the  dragon.
  • Wawel Cathedral. Situated next to the castle on Wawel Hill, the cathedral has witnesed  the coronation of most of Poland’s monarchs. Ascend the tower to see the gigantic  11-tonne Sigismund’s Bell and admire the stunning views over Krakow. The Royal  Tombs are an underground maze of passageways containing the graves of monarchs  and important military leaders. A small museum displays a number of artefacts from the  cathedral’s treasury.
  • Czartoryskich Museum. Highlights of this museum include Rembrandt's 'Landscape  with  a Merciful Samaritan' and Leonardo da Vinci's 'Lady with an Ermine'. Historians  are divided as to whether the subject of da Vinci's painting is the Duchess of Milan or  Cecilia Gallerani, the Duke of Milan's teenage mistress.
  • The Old Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz). Close to the Old Town is Krakow's Jewish  quarter. King Jan Olbrecht moved the city's Jewish population to this district in the late  15th century. During World War II the Nazis forced many of Kazimierz's Jews into the  Podgorze ghetto before sending them to the death camps in 1943. Sights in Kazimierz  include the Galicia Jewish Museum, the Old Synagogue which dates from the 16th  century, and Isaac's Synagogue from the 17th century with its moving Holocaust  exhibition. The Jarden Bookstore organises guided tours of Kazimierz and the Plaszow  death camp situated south of the city.

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