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Flights to Nuremberg from Stansted

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London Stansted to Nuremberg Airport

Located in Bavaria in the south of Germany, Nuremberg is a city that is both steeped in  history, and at the same time ultra-modern.  Between the years 1050 and 1571, every Holy  Roman Emperor had, by law, to call his first council meeting in Nuremburg, and the city  quickly established itself as an important focus of government and administration. 

In the 1500’s, an extraordinary flowering of culture saw Nuremberg as a world leader in art  and printing.  Its central role in the story of Nazism meant that Nuremberg could not escape  devastation towards the end of World War Two, and 90 per cent of the city’s buildings were  destroyed in 1944-5.  This has led to the rise of a new Nuremberg, vibrant and vital, and  looking to the future. Any visitor to the city will be amazed by the sheer number and variety of  museums and places of interest on offer.

Flights between London Stansted and Nuremberg Airport are operated by Air Berlin. The  airport is around 7 km (4 miles) from the centre of Nuremberg. The U2 underground line  connects the airport with the central train station. Journeys take just 12 minutes and a single  ticket costs 1.60 euros (£1 is approximately equal to 1.45 euros). There is also a regular bus  service from outside terminal 1 to the city centre.  Taxis to the city centre cost around 16 euros  and take about 15 minutes.

Places of interest in Nuremberg include:
  • Albrecht Durer House. Set in a pretty neighbourhood of half-timbered buildings, this house is devoted to the life and art of Germany’s great Renaissance artist.  A functioning print shop on the premises turns out copies of his works!
  • Bible Experience House. This exhibition located in the Lorenzer Platz, attempts, through life-size models and audio-visual displays, to inform and entertain visitors with Old and New Testament stories.
  • Imperial Castle. Nuremberg’s most dominant landmark is undoubtedly this castle which towers over the city. Areas open to the public include the state rooms, chapel, Sinwell Tower and the collection of military equipment.
  • Medieval Dungeons. This reminder of the city’s sinister past consists of 12 tiny cells and a macabre torture chamber dating back to the 14th century.
  • DB (German Railways) Museum. For those who like a ‘hands-on’ educational session, this museum is ideal: with more than 30 model railways to ogle, and working signal boxes and points levers, it is a living heaven for train enthusiasts.  The building also houses the Communications Museum, with dioramas and exhibits detailing the history of the postal service and modern-day electronic communications.
  • German National Museum. The museum houses an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, furniture and musical instruments, showing the development of German culture over the centuries.
  • Other Museums.  Nuremberg has a variety of museums devoted to all manner of subjects including fire fighting, clocks, hats, toys and natural history.  By contrast, the New Museum and the Kunsthaus and Kunsthalle are devoted to the very latest in artistic achievement. 

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