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Flights to Venice from Stansted

Stansted Flights
Stansted Flights
Stansted Flights

London Stansted to Venice Treviso Airport

The city of Venice in Italy is unique. It was founded nearly 1,600 years ago – according to  tradition on St Mark’s Day – and is spread across 117 islands linked by over 150 canals and  400 bridges. The city centre is divided into 6 parts known as sestieri – Castello, Cannaregio,  San Marco, Santa Cruce, Dorsoduro and San Polo.

Visitors to Venice can benefit from the purchase of a Venice Card. Available from numerous  locations throughout the city, the card is available for either a 1,3 or 7-day period and entitles  holders to free access to many museums, free public transport and many other discounts.  Additionally the 3 and 7-day cards allow free access to 15 churches.

Flights from London Stansted to Venice Treviso Airport are operated by Ryanair. The airport  is around 30km (19 miles) from the centre of Venice. The ATVO bus service connects with  all  Ryanair flights, with the journey to Venice taking around 70 minutes. Tickets cost 4.50  euros for a single and 8 euros return (£1 is approximately 1.45 euros). Alternatively take the  number 6 bus into Treviso from where there are numerous bus and train connections to  Venice. Taxis are available from outside the airport terminal but due to the distance to Venice  they are expensive.

Places of interest in Venice include:

  • St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco). The focal point of Venice is the famous St  Mark’s Square, named after the patron saint of the city. The square was laid out in the  11th century, altough it was cut in half by a canal running through it. Later the canal was  filled in creating the square (although it is actually a trapezium shape) that we have  today.
  • Doge’s Palace. St Mark’s Square is home to one of Venice’s grandest buildings.  Throughout its long history the palace has undergone many changes and has been  rebuilt  regularly. Inside is a fine collection of art works from the likes of Titian, Vittoria,  Veronese and Tintoretto. In stark contrast to the sumptuously decorated private  apartments and hallways are the macabre prisons and torture chambers.
  • St Mark’s Basilica. The most famous of Venice’s churches is a fine example of  Byzantine architecture. The first church on the site was a temporary structure built  in  828 and was replaced four years later. This burnt down and was replaced by a new  construction in 978 which was rebuilt again in 1063. The basic structure has changed  little since then but a great deal of decoration has been added including friezes,  columns,  carvings and mosaics covering the walls.
  • Rialto Bridge. This is the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal. It was originally  constructed from wood although this collapsed a couple of time so was replaced by a  stone structure which was completed in 1591.
  • Museum of Naval History. Close to the Arsenale from where the Venetian Navy used  to sail is this museum dedicated to Venice’s maritime history. Exhibits include a  collection of gondolas and some models of famous ships.

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