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Flights to Wroclaw from Stansted

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London Stansted to Wroclaw Airport

Wroclaw is capital of the Lower Silesia region of Poland. This graceful city of islands,  gardens,  bridges and Gothic spires is becoming a popular Eastern European tourist  destination. Wroclaw has had a troubled past and was almost completely devastated during  World War Two, but today this rejuvenated city, known as the ‘Polish Venice’, has been  magnificently restored and boasts a lively nightlife and wealth of cultural attractions.

Visitors to the city can benefit from the purchase of the Wroclaw Tourist Card available from  the tourist information office. The card entitles holders to free admission to the most important  attractions, a free river cruise, free public transport within the city and reductions at many  restaurants, hotels, theatres and cinemas. The card costs 79PLN for 3 days and 39PLN for  one day.

Ryanair operates flights between London Stansted and Wroclaw Airport. The airport is  around 10km (6 miles) from Wroclaw city centre. The number 406 bus service from the  airport to Wroclaw’s main railway/coach station runs every 20-30 minutes between 5.22am  and 10.28pm, and on Sundays every 40 minutes from 6.28am until 10.28pm. The 617 bus  service to Lesnica runs 4 times daily and once on Sundays and the 117 service, also to  Lesnica, runs once on Sundays. A single ticket for all these bus services costs around 2 PLN  (£1 is approximately equal to 4.95 PLN) and the journey time is about 40 minutes. For an up  to date timetable visit the website at www.wroclaw.pl.  Alternatively Ryanair passengers can  also use a Shuttle bus for which a single ticket costs 11 PLN.

Places of interest in Wroclaw include:
  • Cathedral Island (Ostrow Tumski). The oldest part of the city, dating back around  1,000 years, occupies the island on the northern side of the River Odra. The 13th  century cathedral of St John the Baptist with its Gothic spires dominates the skyline of  Ostrow Tumski. Climb the cathedral's tower for a fantastic view of the nearby churches  including that of St Mary of the Sands situated on the smaller island of Wyspa Piasek.  St Mary's is home to the Chapel of the Blind, Deaf and Dumb whose altar has been  adorned with numerous children's toys. 
  • The Raclawice Panorama. This 114-metre by 15-metre panorama, opened to the    public since 1985, depicts the 1794 uprising of peasants against the Russian  occupation.  Painted between 1893 and 1894, the panorama was damaged by a bomb  in 1944 but has since been restored.  
  • Museums. Wroclaw is home to a number of museums. The National Museum housed  in  an ivy-clad building displays medieval statues, works by 20th century Polish artists,  and 18th and 19th century paintings. The Municipal Museum consists of a number of  branches including the History, Archaeological and Armoury museums and houses  items  relating to the local area such as guns, medals, paintings and historical  documents.  The Archdiocese Museum dates back to the 19th century and displays a  range of religious art works. Wroclaw University houses a number of small museums  including the Geological and Mineralogy Museum. 

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